Western RHABs

The responsibilities of the Regional Homelessness Advisory Board (RHAB) include:

  • Engage local stakeholders, and identify local leadership, ensuring representation from sectors required by HUD
  • Conduct a minimum of four meetings per year, with additional meetings if needed
  • Publish meeting notices and minutes online
  • Maintain membership list
  • Distribution of the CoC’s public invitation
  • Be the intermediary with Local Housing Option Teams to bring local needs forward
  • Provide input on the design and implementation of a plan to address homelessness (CoC Plan)
  • Provide input for the prioritization of region’s needs, including recommendations to CoC Board for CoC funding and to state and local government ESG recipients for allocating ESG funds
  • Identify additional resources available for homeless households
  • Provide outreach to and mentoring opportunities for service providers
  • Ensure HMIS participation among CoC recipients/sub-recipients.
  • Ensure HMIS participation and provide assistance

In addition, each RHAB will have a Program Evaluation Sub-Committee, which is a sub-committee of the Strategic Planning Committee. This subcommittee will work along with the Strategic Planning Committee to ensure satisfactory performance and outcomes among CoC-funded projects, including the review and ranking of CoC funded projects. The Program Evaluation Sub-Committee will identify and distribute information on best practices, as well as provide opportunities for technical assistance and mentoring to grantees, as needed.

The above responsibilities may be carried out through the RHAB or subcommittees of the RHAB.

The RHABs of the Continuum