Pennsylvania Homeless Management Information System (PA HMIS)

PA HMIS tracks and analyzes the characteristics and service needs of people at-risk or experiencing homelessness. 

The more your community knows about a problem, the better equipped community partners are to maximize resources to prevent and resolve the problems at hand. That’s the idea behind the Pennsylvania Homeless Management Information System (PA HMIS) overseen by the Department of Community and Economic Development. This community-based software is designed to capture client-level information overtime on the characteristics and services needs of women, men, and children at-risk or experiencing homelessness.

The primary goal is to acquire hard data in order to understand the scope and dimensions of homelessness in order to address the problems more effectively. This benefits service providers and clients’ at-risk or experiencing homelessness and enables more efficient use of service through a coordinated entry process.

For Assistance with PA HMIS please send all questions to the PA HMIS Help Desk @

Training/ Recordings

PA HMIS Privacy & Security Training - January 8, 2018

PRIVACY - Participating Agencies shall at all times comply with the HMIS Program Regulations. The Participating Agencies shall become thoroughly familiar with all of the requirements outlined in the Privacy & Security Plan identified by their Continuum of Care.

Security - For user authentication, PA HMIS maintains the following:

  • User permissions are assigned by role and by Agency/Site
  • Users are logged out of the system after a configurable period of inactivity (15 minutes)
  • Passwords must be changed periodically (90 days)
  • Inactive users will be locked out, after 60 days of inactivity

An audit trail of changes is maintained for all user-editable objects in history tables that track when changes were made, by whom, and the previous value(s).

PA HMIS Privacy and Security Training - PowerPoint Slides

PA HMIS Training: HMIS Programs Work-group Class - September 27, 2017

PAHMIS ClientTrack - HMIS Programs Workgroup Training Class covers the entire client intake and program data collection processes for all non-PATH funded projects in PA HMIS and includes Emergency Shelter, Transitional & Permanent Housing, Rapid Rehousing, Homelessness Prevention and Services Only (SSO) project types

PA HMIS Data Entry/Exit/Annual Assessment Training - January 3, 2018

PA HMIS Training: PATH/Street Outreach Work-group Class - September 27, 2017

PAHMIS ClientTrack – PATH Programs Workgroup Training Class covers the entire client intake and program data collection processes for PATH funded projects  and Street Outreach projects in PA HMIS.

PA HMIS Documents & Resources

PA-HMIS Participation Agreement

When requesting to enter data into PA HMIS an agency must complete the above agreement to obtain access to PA HMIS for program data entry. This form can be emailed to the PA HMIS help desk @ 

PA HMIS Collaborative System User Agreement

New Users must complete the required training webinars, once these are complete the user will need to  complete the PA HMIS Collaborative System User Agreement. This form can be emailed to the PA HMIS help desk @ 

User Authorization Form

The user authorization form needs to be completed when removing or changing access to PA HMIS account and submitted by the Agency Manager.

Removing Authorized Personnel - The System Administrator must be notified within 24 hours and in writing by the designated Agency personnel when an individual is no longer authorized to access PA HMIS  on the agency's behalf.

PA-HMIS Inter-Agency Data Sharing Agreement

PA HMIS is an “open” system, meaning that data can be shared between PA HMIS participating agencies. Whether data is actually shared or not is determined on a per client basis, based on user input and client data sharing preferences.

If the client elects to have their information shared partially or completely, and the agency with the initial service begins working with another agency not participating in PA HMIS, then those agencies must use the Inter-Agency Partnership Data Sharing Agreement.

HIPAA Business Associate Agreement

PA HMIS Collaborative Client Consent Form

PA HMIS operates under a protocol of inferred consent to include client data in the PA HMIS. Each Authorized Agency is required to post a sign about their privacy policy in a place where clients may easily view it (i.e. - at the point of intake, on a clipboard for outreach providers, in a case management office). Written authorization for inclusion of a client’s data in PA HMIS is not required, but is inferred when a client accepts the services offered by the program and when the privacy posting is displayed for client review.

PA HMIS Collaborative Client Consent Form (Supplemental)

PA-HMIS Consumer Notice

The privacy posting should include a statement about the uses and disclosures of client data as outlined in this document.

Notice of Privacy Practices

PA HMIS Reference Guides

System Update Notices/ Specialty Guides